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We’re an advertising and marketing organisation with a simple purpose: We help connect businesses with people through technology and marketing efforts.

We do this because we’re passionate about helping companies make an impact in this world and give people what they are looking for.

Are you with us? Let’s see.

Right now, we’re slightly under-resourced (slightly being a slight under-exaggeration).

We have a team of 6 people, who have grown into key family members.

In short: If you join us now, you’re joining while we’re still on the ground floor and you’ll grow as quickly as we do.

So, what will you be doing? A lot of things… hopefully, things that excite you.

Our biggest need is someone who finds joy in communicating the needs of our clients online. Is super organised, a lover of all things creative (apparently these people exist) and someone who is willing to learn pretty much anything and everything about the business.

You’ll spend a large amount of your time working directly with me, Justin (the slightly crazy but super passionate) and that 27” mac that you fancy so much 😉

The title of this position is irrelevant. It says “Social Media Manager” but you can make whatever you want out of it. “Social Media Legend”, “Digital Warrior”. The ball’s in your court here and your role will be as wide, diverse and growth-worthy as you can make it.

Soft-skills you got to have in your toolkit:
  • Cognitive curiosity – are you ready to learn anything and everything?
  • Humble collaboration  – not all work is glamorous. Can you suck it up and get on with it?
  • Totally transparent – there’s no time for bullsh*t in this office. We share everything no matter how stupid it makes us look or feel.
  • Autonomously accountable – we don’t micro-manage (read: we don’t manage). You gotta be able to get on with your sh*t with minimal supervision.
  • Growth mindset – you need to be a dreamer. You need to be unafraid of big challenges, brick walls and long hours. We’re solving huge, systemic issues here and we’re all in.
Hard-skills that would help you get the job done:
  • Very comfortable on a computer (we’re an online advertising company, duh)
  • A good written communicator as you’ll be engaging with loads of stakeholders (customers, team members, industry partners, etc)
  • Organised AF. Seriously. If you aren’t a religious i-dotter and t-crosser, this gig isn’t for you.
Some of the things you’ll be doing in the short term (the long term is your oyster):
  • Welcoming clients onboard through strategy telco. A Marketer can’t do without it.
  • Creating content that is legendary and noticeable. Jaw-dropping imagery.
  • Explosive copy that makes an impact. I want you to cut deep with words!
  • Carving out monthly content calendars with purpose. Attention everyone, let’s go!
  • Monthly report round ups! The devil is in the details.
  • Staying on top of daily deliverables and updating the system.
Some of the things you’ll get to do in the future:

This is really up to you. If you want to stay in a creative role – great! Otherwise step up and be first-in-line to be our one day Chief Digital Officer.  If you want to grow into a customer-facing role, then I’m sure that Justin would LOVE to train you to join his team.

Do you have a passion for design, writing or creativity in general? That’s cool. Let’s try to get you to use these talents and maybe you can set up this division for us internally. Are you a techie or data nerd? Rad. Lots of room for growth here as well.

The future is your oyster.

You have the option to do something extraordinary to get this job. We don’t know what it is… do you? All we know is that it has to be creative and it has to include the hashtag: #InvolvedDigital. Surprise us.

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